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About Zita Water

One of the world’s most serious problems is access to clean and affordable water. Global statistics reveal that nearly 800 million people do not have access to clean water at any given time. Furthermore, sanitation impeded by poor water access affects 2.5billion people annually while over 8million die each year from water related diseases. Over 40% of Africa’s healthcare system lack access to water and while the case can be made that 85% of humanity live in places alienated from efficient water supply, the issue of access to water must be solved regardless of the odds. 

Zita Water is seriously committed at all means and costs towards the issue of global access to water especially for those in developing nations. Our mission is to simply ensure that access to water is a certainty for anyone anywhere in the world through high technological innovations, empathy driven investments and grassroots sensitivity because our aren’t company Development Channel ranks our operations as top priority.